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Follow me on YouTube and subscribe for special content; both in English and in Hungarian.

I have many different playlists for daily and weekly energy projections and ad-hoc readings for urgent messages to deliver.


If you have an Instagram account, the chance you will find me is quite big actually...

There is content mainly in English on my Instagram account, but occasionally I feed the hungry Hungarians, too!

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If you fancy a little bit of Tik and a tiny bit of Tok then go ahead of my TikTok account and hit the + sign!!!

Fun and entertainment are guaranteed!!!

  • TikTok


My Facebook page is also a  welcoming platform for non-judgemental members to share their thoughts and ideas, and receive guidance from  Spirits, Guides and Angels through my content.

I try to cater to both English and Hungarian-speaking Followers.

Like, comment and share so it can reach others, too!

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