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About Me

My Journey

My journey started in 2019 when, due to different health issues, I was introduced to ASEA. This amazing new health technology have started supporting my body on a cellular level so major changes have followed that recovery in every aspect of my life.

My healing journey started in 2020, when a series of life events gave me no other choice but to wake up and make some necessary changes.
I was, at that time, single, my relationship had broken up, I was left with two young boys, the eldest transitioning to a different school, whilst in the last year of my degree. Not only that, I was in the middle of a house move.
As you can imagine,  I became depressed and anxious and sought traditional, medical help. The waiting list for Mental Health Support was never ending, and so I made the decision to move away from prescribed medicine and turn to alternative holistic and spiritual practices.
I became dedicated to self- education; being very influenced by the work of Deepak Chopra.  I took up meditation and applied for a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Course. Then in 2021, I qualified as a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner and my journey to become a Reiki Master continues. Recently, I have learned the value of interpreting and practicing the Tarot, which is part of my recovery and self-development process.
My spiritual life grows daily as I connect to my higher self. I am regaining my intuitive and psychic abilities and buried memories of astral projection as a child have resurfaced. Every day brings a new discovery.

My Mission

Heal and grow; empowering

 I have been blessed!

I believe my health has improved with my consistent application of alternative natural remedies and therapies. This knowledge had led me to my authentic path, and I am now dedicated to use my gifts as a Tarot Consultant and  Well-being coach, using the practices I have learned in a safe and nurturing atmosphere.
My mission is to empower my clients to seek understanding of their own situations and to discover the potential of the gentle power of healing. I am constantly investigating new techniques to use in my practice as I believe that continuous learning is essential to meet the needs of the future.

If you feel I could help you, please get in touch with me so that we may discuss ways in which I can assist you on your own journey back to health and well-being. I look forward to meeting you.


Education and Experience

My Professional Background

Nov  2022

Level 2

The Skills Network

July 2022

Spiritual Coach

Centre of Excellence

June 2022

Life Coach

Life Coaching Masterclass


Ali Campbell

May 2022

Tarot Consultant

The Tarot Academy - trained by Richard Knight

May 2021

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


June 2021

Reiki Healer

Usui Reiki Ryoho

Shoden Level/ongoing

Sept 2017 - June 2021

Child and Family Studies

I have achieved BA 2:1(Honours) as a foreign student at Leeds University

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