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"Marti that was amazing, thank you for every single word that you said, your analysis was detailed and is related to my current situation almost 100%... You intuition and insight boosted my energy back to think and look to my life from different perspective,,, so thank you for that" 


" I definitely recommend Marti. I was amazed with her intuition the first 5 mins of the consultation. She mentioned words without us speaking about anything at all, these words are topics on top of mind for sometime, and i suddenly found her saying them. I liked how she is looking at Tarot reading from a coaching perspective. It was a great experience. Thanks Marti"


"Marti took the time to guide me through the amazing world of Tarot. Whether you believe or not in the cards, the power of Marti is great. I loved to spend almost one hour with Marti. I needed some advises and Marti was able to give them with love. Thank you Marti "

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Marti is a very talented and intuitive tarot reader. She has a very calm aura and gets her point across very clearly. The whole booking process was extremely smooth from start to finish. She has a beautiful website. The reading was accurate and very detailed with some interesting points being raised and some nice extra astrology work included. I also highly recommend having a pendulum reading with Marti. The pendulum she uses reacts very well to any questions asked

Neil, UK

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