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Consultations & Event bookings

Accessibility and being approachable are vital in any helping relationship!

All consultations include a complimentary (optional)'Card of the Day', a 'Card of Birth' and one binary question to the Pendulum.

Professional Tarot Consultation

20 mins - £20

In this short session, I can show you guidance and a different perspective on one specific, main question of your interest. Please book any extended session for more questions or a deeper understanding and analysis.

Professional Tarot Consultation

60 mins - £45

This session can provide you with a deeper understanding and a different insight into your own situation, using the best self-developmental and coaching tool called the Tarot.

Event Booking

Price varies

Hire me as an additional entertainment provider when you host a party at your own home or at a venue.  Excitement and surprises are guaranteed!

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